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Rustic Apple Galette

Rustic Apple Galette

Prep: 30 min
Cook: 40 min
Total: 1 hr 10 min
Servings: 6

This apple galette recipe is easy to make, impossible to fail, and takes half the time to make compared to an apple pie! It's rustic-looking but tastes just like apple pie.

Author Louisa
by Louisa
Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients & Directions

Recipe Ingredients


Yield: 1 Apple Galette (6 Servings)
Needed Kitchenware: Mixing bowl, parchment paper, tape, rolling pin, baking sheet, oven
  • 1¾ cups all-purpose flour
  • ⅓ cup and 1 tbsp oil
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp ice cold water
  • ~2 pounds apples, about 8-10 medium
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
Recipe Directions


  • Put 3 tbsp of water into the freezer to chill.
  • We're starting this recipe working on the filling first. In a mixing bowl, mix together the brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and maple syrup. Now prepare each apple by discarding the core and slicing thinly. No need to skin the apples for this recipe! Put the slices into the bowl as they're done and mix to cover the apples. Set aside.
  • Now we'll work on the dough. Prepare a flat surface by laying down parchment or wax paper. I tape this paper down so it doesn't move and it will make your life a lot easier, trust me. Prepare another sheet of parchment or wax paper and set aside ready to use. Photos of the this step onward are available in the additional information section below.
  • Preheat the oven to 375°F.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, salt, sugar, and oil together. Mix this with a spatula until all the dough is mixed with oil.
  • Remove the water from the freezer and put 2 tbsp worth of it with your dough and mix thoroughly. Your mixture should now be fully combining together into a dough. If it is still clumpy, add the other 1 tbsp of water. Mix the dough at this point with your hands and transfer it to the prepared flat surface with the parchment or wax paper.
  • Put the dough in the middle of your area and take the extra paper and place on top of the dough. You'll be using the rolling pin on top of this paper to press onto the dough and spread the dough out. The papers prevent the dough from sticking to anything. You should be creating a rough, flat circle about 11-12 inches in diameter.
  • Peel the top layer of paper off carefully and then place your sliced apples in the center of the dough in any way you'd like. Do not put the liquid with the apples, only the slices. I put them in a circle but it doesn't have to be circular, it could be a big mess if you'd like. Now carefully flap the edges of the dough over the outer edge of the apples by about 1-2 inches, depending on how large you want your galette. Use the extra liquid from the apples to glaze the dough with the mixture. (Optional) sprinkle some extra granulated sugar onto the glazed dough.
  • Remove and discard the tape of the bottom piece of paper and slide the paper onto your baking sheet. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes and serve when done.

You want to choose an oil that has a mild or no taste for the dough, like canola oil, though I used an olive oil that doesn't have a savory flavor.

You can serve covered or wrapped for 3 days or for 5 days in the refridgerator. This is best served warm. Reheat in the oven until warm.

Recipe nutrition

Nutritional Information

Yield: 1 Apple Galette
Servings: 6
Information per serving:
Energy: 428.8 kcal
Carbohydrate: 72.6 g
Protein: 4.4 g
Fiber: 7.1 g
Sugar: 36 g
Fat: 15 g
Monounsaturated Fat: 9.1 g
Polyunsatured Fat: 4.3 g
Omega-3: 1.3 g
Omega-6: 2.9 g
Saturated Fat: 1.2 g
Trans Fat: 0.06 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Choline: 12.3 mg 3% DV
Folate: 14.6 µg 4% DV
A: 132 IU 6% DV
B1: 0.1 mg 8% DV
B2: 0.1 mg 11% DV
B3: 0.7 mg 5% DV
B5: 0.3 mg 6% DV
B6: 0.1 mg 9% DV
B12: 0 mg 0% DV
C: 11.2 mg 15% DV
D: 0 IU 0% DV
E: 3 mg 20% DV
K: 15.7 µg 17% DV
Calcium: 33.5 mg 3% DV
Copper: 0.1 mg 14% DV
Iron: 0.8 mg 4% DV
Magnesium: 21.7 mg 7% DV
Manganese: 0.5 mg 28% DV
Phosphorus: 66.6 mg 10% DV
Potassium: 316 mg 7% DV
Selenium: 12.5 µg 23% DV
Sodium: 41.8 mg 3% DV
Zinc: 0.4 mg 5% DV

Please note nutritional information varies dependent on agricultural conditions, consistency in manufacturing processes, and honesty in reporting. We cannot accurately report on the amount of harmful chemicals or beneficial plant constituents that might be present in these ingredients. We cannot report on the content of material added during the cooking process. We cannot guarantee if the vitamins present are natural or synthetic. We make no guarantees to the accuracy of this information and continue to suggest purchasing organic, high-quality, fresh ingredients from local, trusted sources. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet and values come regulated from the FDA. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your needs.

Tips, Suggestions, Photos, & More Information

vegan apple galette recipe close up being served

Vegan Apple Galette

Galettes are easier to make than pies and can be eaten like pizza if you like! That's what makes this rustic apple galette so nice, especially for gatherings, it isn't pretentious! It looks homemade but not-over-the-top. You can serve it the way you'd like too - fancy plates, like pizza slices, or covered in ice cream.

What I love the most is that the ingredients are inexpensive and not as processed as using a vegan butter product. You'll likely have the ingredients needed to make this in your kitchen already and it's very easy to substitute if needed.

Step 3: preparing your work surface

The photo below shows me using the same cutting board I used to prep the apples to prep for the dough step. I have the paper laid down and tapped on the edges with the icy water and rolling pin ready.

apple galette step 1

Step 5: working the oil into the dough

This is how the dough mixture will look prior putting the water in. You can see all the dough has been mixed with the oil and it's clumpy. I worked it with a fork here.

apple galette step 2

Step 6: doughball finished and transferred to surface

apple galette step 3

Step 7: using a paper on top to roll out the dough

apple galette step 4

Step 7: finished dough rolled out and top paper removed

That's what my dough looked like when done and I chose not to smooth out the sides or makes it more even. In fact, my dough is really a picture of the worst the dough could look and yet the finished galette turned out great! I think this dough thickness is too thick here, so I think making it thinner and smoothing out the edges would be nice.

apple galette step 5

Step 8: placing the apple slices down

I have no idea what I was aiming for here but here it is, a big pile of apple slices. I left about 2 inches of space between the apples and the edge of the dough.

apple galette step 6

Step 8: wrapping the edges

In this photo, you can see how I wrapped the edges of the dough up onto the pile of apples. You can tell I didn't smooth anything out here, going for maximum rustic!

apple galette step 7

Finished Galette

And here's the finished product! All baked, golden and delicious. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

finished apple galette being served

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