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The Ultimate Guide: How to Get Vegan Recipes to Taste Like Meat?

Today we're discussing easy tips you can follow to make your recipes mimick flavors you remember from your favorite meat dishes.

And these tips actually work.

Why do vegans eat things that taste like meat?

A lot of vegans transitioned from eating meat to eating less over time. This means that some vegans have an acquired taste for foods they used to love. For other vegans, they just enjoy the flavors that these recipes have to offer.

When we think about a recipe using meat, what flavors come to mind? Roast chicken might remind you of thyme, rosemary, fat, liquid salt, and butter. Fried pork might remind you a deep fried flavor, tough texture that dissolves quickly, fattiness, and salt. Salisbury steak might just remind you only about the texture and gravy.

It's these flavors that really transform a protein into these classic dishes. That's what we're looking to recreate!

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Why do some vegans want to eat fake meat?

The fake meats tend to carry the flavor of a classic dish but have been processed to better match the texture, fat content, and protein values as meat. Some vegans choose to eat fake meat to have the same flavors from their favorite dishes but also to recreate as closely as possible the texture, fat content, and protein of the meat.

Not all vegans wish to eat fake meat, but it can be very easy or accessible compared to home-cooking in some options. For those needing an easier transition or a meal that can make everyone in the household happy, fake meats can easily help.

In this post though, we wish to talk about how to recreate the flavors specifically of your favorite meat-based dishes.

So how can I make my vegan recipes taste like meat?

Let us share this infographic with you:

How to make vegan recipes taste like meat

Please, feel free to save it, share, and link back here to it. This will come in handy to really elevate your cooking at home! Let's break down each tip.

What does umami mean? Umami is a Japanese term referring to a complexity of flavors that taste savory. It's a complicated flavor which can't be traced back easily to its parts and instead is tasted as a whole.

Or, to put it simply, it's a bundle of yummy flavor.

Bonus tips and tricks!

Here are some 5 Star recipes that taste like meat:

Black Bean Sausage Patties

1) Black Bean Breakfast Sausage

This recipe tastes just like your favorite breakfast sausage used to. Just like the tips advise above, this recipe heavily relies on smoked paprika, tomato, and fennel to recreate the traditional recipe. This version is also gluten-free and can be made into patties or links.

Vegan Gyoza Dumplings Potstickers

2) Vegetable, Vegan Gyoza Dumplings (Potstickers)

Bianca uses mushrooms and a mix of fragrant vegetables like onion, garlic, and ginger, to recreate a nice vegetable gyoza that will also taste like a pork or chicken dumpling. This is a wonderful recipe, it's no wonder it's rated 5 stars - an instant classic worth making double to freeze for later!

Vegan Jackfruit BBQVegan Jackfruit BBQ

3) BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

We're a little partial to North Carolina BBQ, so when we saw this 5-star recipe, we knew it was a winner. It's a simple bbq sandwich, made to mimick slow-cooked pulled pork, traditionally only served on a bun or with coleslaw. Nothing fancy, just delicious! I love it a lot because it allows you to create your own sauce or just use your own favorite store-brought bbq sauce.

Vegan Sesame Chicken Recipe

4) Sticky Sesame Cauliflower

We love this recipe because it focuses on why a classic Sesame Chicken is good - because of the texture and the sauce. But does it taste like the original classic? YES! Some recipes are entirely about what goes on TOP of the protein and this recipe ROCKS. Tastes amazing and is a really healthful version of the original by baking the cauliflower instead of frying.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich like an Egg McMuffin

5) Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches with "Eggy" Tofu

This recipe recreates a classic McDonald's Egg McMuffin but makes it vegan, using the Black Salt technique mentioned above to make the tofu taste like egg. You'll find this recipe is even easier to make than the original and of course, loads more healthy!

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